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Intended purpose: Association for humanistic thinking, rationality, secularity rule of law, democracy and human rights

Registered office: Dr. Robert Graf Straße 38/I/3, 8010 Graz, Austria



Foundation: 12.02.2010

ZVR (Registration number): 090816468




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Feel free to use all texts, picture, graphs, files and so on provided for download on our homepage.

However, there is one single condition:
You need to quote as your source no matter if it is a text, picture, or graph.

Cite according to common rules.


Foundation of affiliated societies and partner societies.

Foundation of affiliated societies and partner societies is fine for us.

Affiliated society: After conferring with the association and acceptance of the association's general conditions the foundation of an affiliated society is possible.


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Exclusion of liability



We assume no liability for the correctness and completeness of information provided on our website.

The association assumes no liability for up-to-dateness, correctness, completeness or quality of data provided. Liability claims against the association referring to materialistic or non-materialistic damage caused by the application or non-application of information provided or caused by usage of incorrect or incomplete information are not possible as long as there is no evidence for a intended default caused by the association.

The website's content gets constantly extended . If you miss something or detect mistakes or invalid links please send us an e-mail. Furthermore the association assumes no liability for material publicly accessible on our website to be free of computer viruses or other dangerous elements, as well as for subsequent damage due to the use of this website.


External links

Despite the fact that contents are accurately checked we assume no liability for the content of external links. For contents of linked pages the particular licensee is exclusively responsible. We guarantee that we only link with other sites if there is no illegal content on it at the time of linking. We also guarantee to check this to the best of our knowledge.

We assume no liability for illegal or incomplete content and particularly damage caused by use or disuse of information provided on a homepage linked to ours. The licensee of a page linked to us is exclusively liable for the content of her or his page. Our association formally states that at the time of linking the particular sites linked were free of illegal content to the best of our knowledge. Our association has no bearing on the present and future design, content and authorship of linked websites. For that reason we explicitly disassociate from all content of linked web-pages changed after the moment of setting links.
This declarative statement applies for all links and references set within the range of the own content provided on the internet, as well as for entries made by an outsider on the guest-book installed by the webmaster, mailing-lists and discussion forums.


Data privacy

Exposure of personal data happens voluntarily and at one's own risk. If data gets lost on the way or an unauthorized person gets hold of it, we assume no liability for it. Data we accept on this way, however, is treated strictly confidential and is solely used for the purposes appointed by you.


Salvatorius clause

If single regulations within these articles are or become fully or partly inoperative or void by law, the effectiveness of all the other regulations and articles is not damaged.