erdkugel If you take a look at the world map,have you ever asked yourself:

Why are we living in a freedom unknown and never experienced by more than 80% of the world's population?

What's behind it? What have we done differently?

Which mistakes we have been able to avoid and still must not make?

Answering these questions we from made to our business.

What is the basis of our freedom?

Today we are living in societies in which every individual enjoys a great level of personal freedom and fundamental rights.

These precious conditions can only be preserved if people know the values which are the basis for our modern, free and democratic societies.

The definition of basic European values provides knowledge about this basis and explains in a historical context that our freedom was realized in 6 steps, a long and quite often bloody and tearful way. However, what is going to happen if one of these steps drops away?

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An overview about the historical development of the values.

Against what our freedom needs to be constantly protected?

Frei on Unterdrueckung durch staatliche und religiöse Institutionen

The history of Europe illustrates that people had to fight against political, economic and religious institutions for centuries to realize this freedom which we enjoy now.

The human rights which are essential for individual freedom need to be constantly protected. The cutback of civil liberty in the course of anti-terror legislation, violation of human rights in the name of religions or the lack of democracy within the European Union illustrate that it is not less important to fight for freedom today than it was 500 years ago.


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