About us


Who are we?

Our association EuropeanValues.Info is an organisation independent from political parties, religions, governments, as well as the European Union. Our ideal is a secular European society guaranteeing a constant development of freedom, self-determination, happiness and the individual as such.

EuropeanValues.info was found by people who

  • critically observe what is happening in Europe and the world.
  • have realized that one needs to stand up for freedom as 'freedom is not for free!'
  • have realized that freedom in Europe is based on particular values – we found this association to investigate on them in order to find out which values are essential and to defend them in the case of emergency.
  • aim to preserve this freedom for our children and future generations.


Our mission

We consider freedom to be of utmost importance. Only freedom fully guarantees the opportunity to develop for people. History illustrates that freedom  was commonly realized by movements of people who had been constantly fighting for it. The members of EuropeanValues.info have made it to their business to protect the 6 basic European values which are the fundament of our free and secular European society.


Intended purpose

The association does not aim for profit and would like to provide knowledge about our basic European Values and, at the same time, gain the consciousness of people why these values are the fundament of our free, modern, democratic European societies and which meaning they have for our present society and the everyday-life of every single human being.

Common values connect individuals and foster the becoming of societies. Due to the lack of knowledge about history most of the people are not conscious about the fact that the present state, which seems „normal“ to all of us, is based on a system for which people fought for centuries and which is based on the fundament of 6 particular values.

In the opinion of this association these 6 basic values are:

  • Humanistic thinking
    „The human being is in the center of thoughts and actions“
  • Rationality
    „Rationality becomes the basis for decisions!“
  • Secularity
    „Separation of religious and political power!“
  • Rule of law
    „Just basic laws and constitutions for everyone!“
  • Democracy
    „The people rule!“
  • Human rights
    „Basic rights innate to every human being!“

These 6 basic values which are consecutively building up on each other, together make up a fully  developed humanistic world view.

The association aims to illustrate scientifically, meaning historical and causal, how the fundament of our freedom consisting of these 6 basic European values has developed throughout history in Europe until today and how it may develop in future.

We stand against suppression of the values by any religious, political, economic or other group.

We stand for:
  • Humans as benchmark of all things,
  • Judgement on the basis of rationality,
  • Separation of politics and religion,
  • Constitutional principals,
  • Democratic principles,
  • Universal human rights.


Unser Denken und Handeln ist:

  • humanistic,
  • rational,
  • säkular,
  • secular,
  • democratic &
  • protecting human rights.

Our ideal is a secular European society as basis of an ongoing development of freedom, self-determination, happiness and of the individual human beings themselves. This particular society on the basis of the 6 values is the fundament of freedom for all people without making a difference because of their religion, race, colour, sex or wealth to live together in peace now and also in future.